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It is the Mission & Purpose of Daily Benefits Ministry for every person that has an ear to hear what the Lord is saying… D.B.M. is driven to seeing the fulfillment of Luke 4:18, “Preaching the gospel to the poor; Healing the brokenhearted, Proclaiming liberty to the captives and Recovering sight to the blind, and Setting at liberty those who are oppressed.” 

Daily Benefits Ministry believes Evangelist Luster was birth-out in order to bring forth more than just healing in the earth, but to see to it that believers are walking in Wholeness! D.B.M. seeks to facilitate a ministry that shifts us from just being healed, but walking in wholeness.  We seek to take you from crying out in desperation to the place of giving thanks and seeking the face of the Lord.

D.B.M. has many branches of ministry in order to see this mission fulfilled: 
Covenant Global World Changer Partner (C.G.W.C.P.)
W2W: Woman 2 Woman Ministries, International (Co-founded with Minister Shawn Rivers)
“All The Kings Men”- The Mighty Men of Valor Ministry
The Searching Man & The Waiting Woman Singles’ Ministry
Becoming A L.A.D.Y. of Power & Influence Mentor Program: (Learning, Achieving, Developing You)…“Equipping Women Where They Are Right Now & Still Being Relevant At the Next Level!”
T.N.T. Ministries (co-founded with spiritual mother-Pastor Tina McCrea)
Spiritual Parenting & Mentoring…“Birthing Spiritual Sons & Daughters with Kingdom Vision & Principles” 
Taking the Gospel Home Children’s Ministry
Impact Ministerial Training: “Effectively Train & Establish persons seeking to be licensed & ordained in the Gospel Ministry” 
W.P.S. Women Preachers Summit
Family First Ministry: “How to win the souls of your loved ones”

Daily Benefits Ministry is committed to ministry at any cost in order to see the world revolutionized through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. D.B.M. is a ministry that does not seek only to preach the gospel, but is driven by outreach to the communities and cities across America and even overseas Missions. D.B.M. is committed to serving others in various capacities that include, but are not limited to: after school programs, homeless outreach, prison ministry, battered women, sexual abuse recovery, troops outreach, collegiate scholarships, educational advancement, job & interview training/skills, single-parent outreach, health and wellness, social awareness outreach, and international missions (which consist of assisting orphanages in South America & Africa), and many other outreach endeavors as well. 

D.B.M. also offers a number of other services such as conferences, seminars, workshops, mentoring, and counseling.  One of the most strategic sources of ministry is our Daily Devotion on our website.  In the very near future D.B.M. will offer published works from Evangelist Luster and other ministerial companions.  Therefore, I ask you today to join forces with this mission and ministry. Let’s follow after God together!
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