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"May the Lord DAILY Load You with the Benefits of Breakthrough, Deliverance, Blessings, Increase, Anointing, and Especially His Glory!" 
      It is Time for Your God Encounter, Daily!
GREETINGS! Welcome to The Daily Benefits Ministry Website…We pray the Lord’s increase over your life! We hope that you will visit us daily and that your life will be changed from the inside out. We are in the Season and the Year of Wholeness & Manifestation, in which God is taking us to unchartered territory in the anointing, in our finances, in promotion, in authority, and positioning us to take dominion over the things that have had us bound for too long. This is the Time in which we will take our rightful position as Kingdom Citizens and possess the Kingdom.  I thank God that it is not by happenstance or accident that you have connected with this ministry. I say Welcome to the Next Level in your Life and Welcome to discovering the Daily Benefits of the Lord!
For His Purpose, 

Evangelist Tashara Luster
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